Brother SE625 Sewing Machine Review – Pros, Cons & Features

Brother SE625 review will let you know why you have to buy this sewing machine. What kind of amazing features does this sewing machine have.

The Brother SE625 sewing and embroidery machine will be a reliable, feature-rich addition to your craft room. I love having it in mine!  

A combination machine, the brother 4×4” embroidery area is small for dedicated enthusiasts but most reviews sing praises on how fast stitching speed can go or just that it does both jobs very well with its 2 -1 capability.

Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review

Brother SE625 review will help you find all about the best computerized & sewing machine. Let’s take about it in detail. 

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Top Features

Brother SE625 Sewing Features

The Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine is not lacking its abilities when it comes to sewing. Let’s have a look at some of its amazing sewing features.

Computerized Controls

The Brother SE625 has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for beginners. This machine can be programmed to automatically cut the upper and bobbin threads, but this function can also be achieved manually with just one touch on your smartphone!

Built-in Stitches

The Brother SE625 has a whopping 103 built-in stitches to choose from! You can set the maximum length and width of your project to 5 mm x 7mm if desired. The types include:

  • Straight stitches and zigzag stitches (with and a without reinforcement stitch)
  • Hem stitches and blind hem stitches
  • Blanket stitches
  • Buttonhole stitches
  • Darning stitches
  • Elastic zigzag stitches & a triple stretch stitch
  • Overcasting stitches
  • Piecing & decorative quilting stitches
  • Satin stitches & decorative satin stitches
  • Many other decorative stitches & cross-stitches

Presser Feet

The following 7 presser feet have all your sewing needs covered. They come equipped with zippers, buttons, and more for a variety of projects!

  • Spring action zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Blind stitch foot


The Brother SE625 is a great machine for making auto-sized buttonholes. With 8 different stitches, the process of creating them has been made simple and automatic in one step! 

Simply place your fabric into this presser foot before setting it down onto whatever project you want to work on – then watch as perfectly sized holes appear every time!

Free Arm Sewing

The free arm of the Brother sewing machine is an easy way to make sure your small, tubular items don’t get sewn together. 

It’s included standard on most models and can be accessed by removing a compartment in the flat-bed accessories storage area that comes with all brother machines

LED Light

A bright LED light illuminates the workspace to help you see those tiny stitches better! It’s not spotlight-bright, but it’ll work well in most circumstances.

Touch LCD Screen

The Brother SE625 showcases an easy-to-use interface with 8 built-in tutorials to guide you through the basics of using this embroidery machine. 

It also allows for stitch selection and design preview before final product creation, suggesting the best foot tooling for optimal results!

The Brother SE625 showcases an easy-to-use interface with 8 built-in tutorials to guide you through the basics of using this embroidery machine. It also allows for stitch selection and design preview before final product creation, suggesting the best foot tooling for optimal results!

Brother SE625 Embroidery Features

Now we have covered the sewing features of Brother SE625. Let’s have a detailed look at the embroidery features of it.

Embroidery Designs

Having the ability to create your own unique designs is one of many great things about this sewing machine. You can also use 6 built-in English embroidery fonts, which offer you capital or lowercase letters for numbers and symbols as well! 

The 80 design options mean there are plenty more ways than ever before possible too – but it does come with an included CD so people won’t be using these advanced features anytime soon unless they have broadband internet access at home (which most don’t).

Built-in USB Port

The Brother SE625 offers a variety of embroidery designs that can be imported from your computer if you’re not satisfied with the 280 options it includes.

With no need for an extra cable and plugging into your laptop instead, this is one improvement over its predecessor!

Embroidery Area and Hoop Size

This embroidery hoop is the perfect size for monogramming and doing most small t-shirt designs. You may run into issues if you want to embroider something larger, but check out these awesome projects using Brother SE625 bigger hop i.e: 4×4 hoops!

Here is a quick video on how to change Brother SE625 From Sewing To Embroidery:


Here’s what comes in the box with the Brother SE625 sewing and embroidery machine:

  • Brother SE625 machine unit, foot controller pedal, and power cord
  • Embroidery arm, 4″x4″ embroidery hoop, and embroidery foot
  • 7 sewing presser feet
  • Needles: 6-piece needle set (2 75/11 needles, 2 90/14 needles, and 2 90/14 ballpoint needles) and twin needle (2/11)
  • 4 bobbins
  • 3 bobbin clips
  • 3 pre-wound bobbins with embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • disk-shaped screwdriver
  • cleaning brush
  • 4 spool caps
  • spool net
  • darning plate
  • Dust cover
  • Bilingual operations manual, quick reference guide, and embroidery design guide

The Warranty

This is a great machine! The warranty covers you for 25 years. Make sure to fill out the card when buying so that any problems can get taken care of quickly and easily

Pros & Cons

What You’ll Like:

  • Can sew and embroider
  • Full color 3.2″ LCD touchscreen
  • 80 built-in designs + 200 on CD
  • USB transfer to add new designs
  • 103 built-in sewing stitches
  • 25 year limited warranty

What You’ll consider:

  • Max 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop
  • Refurbished units can have issues

Overall Verdict

The Brother SE625 is a high-quality sewing machine with all of the features that you need. It also has an excellent rating and reviews are really positive, making this model one worth considering if embroidery is something on your mind or in line with future needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can the Brother SE625 hem jeans?

The Brother SE625 is a popular choice for hemming jeans. It can go through two layers of denim easily with the appropriate needles and thread.

But be mindful that you are using denim-specific sewing machine accessories if your work requires it; this way no harm will come to yourself or other items due to bent seams caused by overloading on thicker fabrics like canvas or vinyl!

The lightweight construction also means this isn’t one of those heavy-duty machines – so don’t force anything past what’s able in order not to do further damage while trying to fix an issue occurring during operation.

Are Brother sewing machines good quality?

The Brother SE625 sewing machine has quite a few plastic parts, so I would recommend caution when dealing with heavier fabrics or thicker seams.

If the machine is struggling try not to force it because of possible damage from improper use that won’t be covered under warranty!

Is the Brother SE625 sewing machine good for a beginner?

The Brother SE625 & Brother SE600 is excellent choice for beginners wanting to learn both embroidery and sewing. 

With its easy-to-buy navigation, automatic features that are beginner-friendly like bobbin winding and needle threading (no need to go fishing!), plus the top drop quick set bobbin which eliminates you having to draw your own threads–this machine has it all!

How To Set up the machine to embroider? 

The Brother SE 625 has an embroidery foot and hoop that attach with velcro. 

To set it up, you must first prepare your stabilizer-covered fabric for sewing onto the machine by tucking away any excess material under delicate threads or over wider areas of stitching as necessary. 

Then put on both parts in order so they can be connected correctly using hooks at either end (the same way regular clothing feels). Once attached properly to each other through these catches like puzzle pieces

Can the Brother SE625 sew denim? What about hats?

The Brother SE625 is a great machine for denim and canvas, but not so much on heavier fabrics. If you want something with more power or plan to use your embroidery output every day then this may not be the best choice of sewing device either!

Can you use the Brother SE625 as a serger?

The Brother SE625 does not have all of the features that make a serger great. 

However, it can still create professional seams and finishes with its overcasting stitch and presser foot which is built into this machine or available as an extra accessory purchase for those who want more versatility out their sewing abilities than just finishing edges alone!

What is the Brother SE625 file format?

The Brother SE625 is a modern and high-quality embroidery machine that can work with some of the most popular formats for .pes, phc or dst files – but only if they’re from an approved source. 

For decorative stitches though, pmx/pmv data will do just fine! And there’s no need to worry about saving since this brand has got your back: both stitch types are retrievable by default (though you’ll find it easier on playback).

Does the Brother SE625 come with software to make embroidery designs?

Has the Brother SE625 embroidery machine ever caught your eye? You might be interested in knowing that it does not come with the software needed to make your own designs. Thankfully, there are plenty of sites and shops where you can buy custom-made artwork from designers around the world for this specific model or similar models like it!

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