How To Thread A Sewing Machine Needle? Tips & Tricks

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Thread A Sewing Machine Needle

Do you know how to thread a sewing machine needle? It isn’t easy as it seems. Follow the steps to thread the sewing machine needle like a pro.

No doubt, threading is an art that comes after having sufficient pondering and consideration.

Most of us have left stitching due to unsuccessful attempts to thread a sewing machine needle. However, few hacks can turn the job easiest ever.

If you haven’t sewed yet, take your machine out of the box and embark upon a journey of mastering stitching. Whether it’s standard or big-size machines almost all follow the same process to thread a sewing machine. So let’s open it up through the steps.

Step to Know How To Thread A Sewing Machine Needle

1.  Wind your bobbin

Wind your bobbin

The very first step is to wind your bobbin for the bottom thread. You have to remove the accessory box to get access to the bobbin case.

Once you have reached, pull the bobbin out and then load your spool of thread just over the spool pin and secure it with a spool cap.

Pass the thread to the thread guide and then pull the thread securely around the bobbin winding tension desk. Now, thread your bobbin by passing the thread up through the inside.

Place the bobbin onto the bobbin winder and push the bobbin on the way to the right. Press the machine pedal and start winding the bobbin until it’s done.

Try to use the best quality thread for better results.

2. Place Winded Bobbin into The Bobbin Case

Place winded bobbin into the bobbin case

Once you have done with winding, the second thing that comes is to place the bobbin securely into the bobbin case.

Load the bobbin into the bobbin case with the thread coming out of the right-hand side. However, your bobbin thread should revolve anticlockwise.

Guide the thread into the notch and the little plate so it snaps into this little groove. Hold the case latch to insert the bobbin into the shuttle and then just close the case and rearrange the accessory box back to the place.


3. Thread The Upper Thread

Remove the thread from the bobbin winding tension disk and then follow the thread guides on your machine. It’s kind of fun you will get the hang of it, take the thread go down and around and back up, and then you are going to thread until it’s snapped into place.

Bring your thread back down, put it through the thread guide, and then pull it a little so that you can conveniently put the edge of the thread through your needle eye.

4. Pass The Thread Through The Needle Eye 

Pass the thread through the needle eye

Once you have done through winding the bobbin and setting the upper thread, now the biggest challenge is to pass a thread through the needle eye.

However, I am going to share some tricks for this task. Keep a white paper just behind the needle to make the eye quite visible to approach.

Furthermore, cutting the edge of the thread at a 45-degree angle makes it thick and reduces the chances of shredding anymore.

These hacks are quite useful and make your job easier for threading both handheld needles or sewing machinesmachinefabriek

5. Pull The Bobbin Thread Up 

Pull the bobbin thread up

The last step in the entire process is to pull the bobbin thread. Hold the thread and pull it a little if the extension of the thread is required.

keep holding the thread and lower the needle using the handwheel to pull the bobbin thread up from below.

You are going to feel some tension tust tug the little bit and a loop will pop up and you can pull both threads up under your pressure and foot a pair of scissors or pencil helps with this part.

Once both the bobbin and upper threads have popped up accurately, it indicates that your machine is ready to serve.


Overall Verdict

Modern machines compared to the older models are quite easy and convenient to thread. Yet, you can follow these steps to start your stitching and even seaming through a handheld needle.

If you are using a handle-held needle make sure that the needle you are using should have sufficient hole size to pass the thread. However, most of the standard-size machines come with the required needle size.

Make sure that the thread you are using should be well made up with good quality stuff. Quality thread not only helps you in smooth processes but also ensures the durability of your stitching.

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