How To Hem Pants With Sewing Machine – Quick Guide

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Learn how to hem pants with sewing machine. Hemming pants can be a difficult thing to do, but with a few simple steps, you will become a pro.

Hemming pants can be quick and easy with a sewing machine. This post will show you the method to do it, which is perfect for work clothes or jeans – no need to pay $10 at an alteration shop! Ready? Let’s get started.

Things You Need For Hemming

You will need the following things for hemming:

How To Hem Pants With Sewing Machine – Step By Step Guide

Follow the step by step guide to learn how to hem pants:

Step1. Pin The Pants To The Correct Length

I would suggest that you look in the mirror to see how it will be when they are wearing shoes. And, once again ‘just right’ can be different for each person because everybody has a personal preference. 

One lady I helped wanted her jeans to skim the floor when she was wearing heels so make sure there is a nearby mirror available (at around 2 inches).

Never trust people who simply say “hem them 2 inches,” or “I have a 30-inch inseam.” Always pin and let them see their pants before committing any alterations on your part.

The next step is to see if the length of both pant legs is equal. The wearer needs to take off the pants and turn them inside out, checking for a match on each cuff. If it’s okay with you, have your friend wear those red trousers again before moving forward!

Step 2. Press The New Pants Hem

Before you remove the pins, move your pants to an ironing board. Press on both sides of the leg for a few seconds before carefully removing each pin. Use high heat if it’s made from cotton and medium heat on dress pants that contain rayon or polyester. Test in inconspicuous places first!

Step 3. Cutaway The Extra Length

I like to work fast. I mark the crease with my tailor’s chalk, and then slice 2″ below it carefully using a ruler. If you need anything less than that, use 1-1/2″ instead of 2″.

For pants hemmed longer than 6”, press them once on an ironing board or other firm surface at least 24” wide (cover the area in front of your knees) so there is room for both hands when folding later.

Step 4. Fold And Press The New Hem

If you want a nice, crisp hem on your pants that doesn’t look like it’s pulling or too tight at the bottom of your pant legs, clip into both seams to create little triangles. Then as you fold up and press down the side seam, push those two pieces towards each other so they overlap slightly in opposite directions from one.

Press the new hem well. Pin if desired.

Step 5. Sew The Hem Close To The Folded Edge

Once you’ve measured and pressed your fabric, it’s time to sew! All sewing machines have a free arm (sometimes this has to be detached). First, turn the pants inside out. Then place them on top of the machine with its leg around the free arm. 

Set setting at “straight stitch” in length mediums or longer; then begin stitching close-to but not right up against that folded edge all along one side seam until you reach where you started again – which should take less than a minute if done correctly! 

So easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Happy Sewing Folks!


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