Best Mini Sewing Machine – Top 8 Beginner Sewing Machines

What if you want to practice the art of sewing fabric, but you can’t invest in a heavy-duty sewing machine?

If I were you, I’d get myself the best mini sewing machine.

These mini sewing machines are fun to work with. Besides, they should not be underestimated at all as I’ve seen many best cheap sewing machine stitching thick fabrics without any hassle.

Well, mini sewing machines are known best because of its lightweight & amazing features as they are easy to carry & work as like other sewing machines.

Anyway, if you are already looking for a perfect beginner mini sewing machine to start with, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of top-notch sewing machines based on extensive research, and personal experience to let you make an easy decision.

Comparison Table For Best Mini Sewing Machines

Product Extension TableRatingPrice
SINGER Start 1304
SINGER Start 1304
Not Available4.4
KPCB Mini Sewing Machine
KPCB Mini Sewing Machine
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine
Janome Fastlane Fuschia
Janome Fastlane Fuschia
Not Available3.8
CENGOY Sewing Machine
CENGOY Sewing Machine
Not Available4.3
Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine
Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine
CHARMINER Mini Sewing Machine
CHARMINER Mini Sewing Machine
Not Available3.8

Top 8 Beginner Sewing Machines in 2021

Let’s take a look at the best mini sewing machines rated for 2021, without any further ado:

1. SINGER Start 1304: Best Singer Mini Sewing Machine 2021

Singer Start 1304 tops the list for being a perfect beginner sewing machine in 2021.

That’s because the features and qualities it offers are rare to be found in any other sewing machine in the same price range.

Starting with some basics, the sewing machines have got smooth first expressions. That is, the body of the machine is portable, compact, and lightweight at the same time.

Adding to that, you’d enjoy an extensive sewing experience as a heavy-duty motor is already installed in the machine.

The price? It’s no more than $250. This means that you can kick-start your sewing career with none other than a popular sewing machine brand, i.e. Singer, and that too without spending a lot of money.

Some notable features regarding the best Singer mini sewing machine are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know

Portable: The shape of the machine, first of all, is extremely compact and portable. In fact, you can easily carry this sewing machine in a traveling bag from one place to another without any hassle.

Stitch Pattern: Apart from that, 57 different stitch applications are available to ensure a thorough sewing experience. Each stitch pattern could thus be utilized to make dresses or quilts as beautiful as possible.

Automatic Bobbin Winding: Adding to other features, the mini sewing machine also comes with an automatic bobbin winding option. That said, the bobbin after getting completely filled would stop turning to keep the thread away from getting broke.

Durability: There is no compromise from the brand as far as the durability of Start 1304 is concerned.

That said, Singer offers a lifetime 25 years warranty on this machine which ensures peace of mind while you are indulged in stitching beautiful dresses.

Motor: Finally, the presence of a heavy-duty motor has an impact on the stitching process. As per my experience, you can easily sew jeans, pants, stretch fabric, leather, and other thick fabric with this sewing machine easily.


  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 57 stitch applications available
  • Could be confined in a traveling bag
  • Extremely compact
  • Ensures sewing every type of fabric


  • Still a bit expensive from a beginner point of view
  • No other major issues

The Expert’s Note

Singer Start 1304 is the exact accessory that you’d be needing to become a professional tailor or fashion designer. Get this tiny little beast and enjoy a thorough sewing application for a long time.
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2. KPCB Mini Sewing Machine: Best Mini Sewing Machine Under 50

What? Can’t afford the Singer Start 1304 sewing machine I listed above? Well, you need not worry at all. The sewing machine I’m about to discuss is available at an extremely cheap price tag.

Yeah, I’m talking about none other than the KPCB mini sewing machine. The kind of qualities and features that this sewing machine offers makes an illusion that it’d be costing more than at least 100 bucks.

Nevertheless, KPCB has done a splendid job in keeping the price tag as low as possible. So, newbies and beginners now don’t have any excuse rather than to purchase the best mini sewing machine under 50.

Have a look at some of the most important features that this sewing machine offers:

Most Important Features You Must Know

Extension Table: Starting with the extra accessories first, the mini sewing machine from KPCB comes with an extension table. It ensures a good amount of space and allows you to sew several fabrics conveniently.

Automatic Thread Cutter: Along with all other features, one thing that I loved the most about this sewing machine is that it comes with an automatic thread cutter. You can make good use of it especially while cutting the fabric as per your will and wish.

Different Speed Levels: In addition, the two-speed control feature is well up to the mark. Beginners can take advantage of this option to practice sewing at two different speed levels to get more and more experience.

Light Fabric: Mind you that the best budget mini sewing machine is suitable for light fabric only. That’s one of the cons that you have to face as the machine doesn’t have a heavy-duty motor at its disposal.


  • Perfect for beginners and newbies
  • Extension table for a perfect sewing experience
  • Two speed control options included
  • Helps you stitch the fabric strongly
  • Compact and portable
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not suitable for sewing leather
  • Not ideal for thick fabric
  • Poor customer response

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The Expert’s Note

Although, there are some minor tweaks, what the KPCB sewing machine offers at such an affordable price is something appreciable. I’d suggest newbies get this machine especially if they are starting to learn sewing from scratch.

3. Varmax Mini Sewing Machine: Best Portable Sewing Machine 2021

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine – Best Portable Sewing Machine

Another mini sewing machine up for grabs on our list is from Varmax. This portable sewing machine is specifically meant for students who are new to sewing or stitching.

The best mini sewing machine ensures a thorough stitching experience as it comes with an effective sewing interface. Adding to that, it also comes with extra accessories that could be utilized by newbies to feel more confident while stitching different fabric types.

As for the price, you won’t be finding any mini sewing machine cheaper than what Varmax has offered.

Let’s have a look at some of the best features offered by Varmax mini sewing machine.

Technical Features You Must Know

Portability: Portability is something on which Varmax has not compromised at all. That said, the best sewing machine is compact to an extent that you can easily carry it around in a traveling bag from one place to another.

Stitch Pattern: The stitching pattern, on the other hand, is quite effective, neat, and clean at the same time. Therefore, if you are facing any hurdles in sewing fabric ideally, then Varmax mini sewing machine should be a priority for you.

Extension Table: Moving along, there is a large extension table included within the machine. It allows you to sew large pants, trousers, or light dresses without causing any hurdle.

Speed Control: Last but not the least, what I liked the most about the most affordable mini sewing machine is that it comes with a double thread and double speed control option.

Both these features are quite helpful for beginners to try to sew sleeves or trousers with accuracy.


  • Extension table included
  • Extremely portable body
  • Double thread feature ensures the automatic knot
  • Perfect for sewing light fabric
  • Double speed operation
  • Suitable for art and fashion designing students


  • Needle jamming issues are common
  • Not as durable as Singer mini sewing machine

The Expert’s Note

Varmax mini sewing machine with all its pros and cons is something quite helpful for tailoring students. My recommendation? You should be getting this sophisticated sewing machine as soon as possible.

4. Janome Fastlane Fuschia: Best Janome Small Sewing Machine 2021

If you have a little knowledge about sewing machine brands, then you’d know how reliable a brand like Janome is.

In terms of competition, it stands just behind Singer and Brother as it’s already producing some of the most reliable sewing machines in the market.

Well, coming towards the Fastlane Fuschia, it’s a mini sewing machine from Janome designed for extreme beginners. That said, the best mini sewing machine has got multiple features to offer, which almost every beginner art student will enjoy to the fullest.

Besides, you can also use this sewing machine for sewing dresses and quilts. All this at a mere price of around 70 dollars is what makes everyone fall in love with this mini sewing machine by Janome.

Some notable features regarding the most affordable Janome mini sewing machine are as follows:

Notable Features You Need to Know

Variety of Colors: First of all, the mini sewing machine comes in a variety of colors. You can thus choose a color of your choice as per your preferences to enjoy sewing without any hassle.

Stitch Pattern: On the other hand, there are around 10 different stitching patterns available within the sewing machine. It’s enormous considering the fact that the mini sewing machine costs less than 70 bucks.

Hassle-Free Stitching: Janome has made it easier for beginners to practice their sewing skills. For that purpose, different threading diagrams are present on the machine to ensure a hassle-free stitching experience.

Reverse Stitching: One thing that I liked the most in Janome Fastlane Fuschia is that it comes with a reverse stitching feature. It ensures a strong and reliable stitching experience and helps art students to enhance their sewing skills for sure.


  • 10 built-in stitches included
  • Reverse stitching option available
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Variety of colors available
  • Perfect for art students
  • Suitable for quilting


  • Not so durable
  • The connecting plug is made poorly

The Expert’s Note

Fastlane Fuschia from Janome is a perfect choice for students who know how to utilize a mini sewing machine with care and precautions. Check it out especially if you want to enhance your quilting and stitching skills.

5. CENGOY Sewing Machine: Best Handheld Sewing Machine 2021

CENGOY sewing machine is quite unique and it’s prominent from the fact that it comes with a handheld design. Ever used a stapler?

This machine works the same way and it has a design similar to that of a stapler, but a bit bigger. However, you should not be underestimating its stitching operation.

I mean, this sewing machine is capable of sewing the likes of leather and other thick fabric types which is quite impressive.

Besides, it’d cost you less than 20 bucks. So, in case you are desperate to get the most portable sewing machine without spending a lot of money, I’d be referring you CENGOY handheld machine in this regard.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features that this portable sewing machine offers:

Relevant Features You Need to Know

Handheld Design: First things first, the machine has a handheld design. You can literally sew different fabrics with it while traveling on a bus or train. It’s that easy to use.

Compatibility: Secondly, the best handheld sewing machine from CENGOY offers universal compatibility. That is, it can sew many fabric types ranging from jeans, leather, trousers, or stretch fabric without any hassle.

Power Modes: Lastly, there are two power modes available, i.e. 4 AA batteries and a power adapter. You could utilize each power mode at your convenience and enjoy altering the tailored work without any issue.


  • Best handheld machine for repairs
  • Suitable for beginners and newbies
  • Could be used while traveling
  • Easy to use interface
  • Sews and stitches thick fabric easily
  • Works on battery and direct power


  • Suitable for alterations or repairs only
  • Can’t manage full-fledged sewing like traditional machines

The Expert’s Note

The handheld sewing machine from CENGOY is one of the innovations that professional tailors adore the most. If it’s up to me, I’d make it mandatory for every art student to purchase at least one CENGOY handheld sewing machine.

6. Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine: Best Mini Sewing Machine for Children

Want to keep your children away from a professional sewing machine, but failing to do so? If that’s the case, then I’d advise you to consider a Magicfly mini sewing machine for your kids.

The sewing machine helps to stitch light fabric and is available at an extremely affordable rate.

On the other hand, complete newbies could also try this mini sewing machine to practice their sewing skills.

Key Features You Must Know

Power Modes: First of all, the best sewing machine for children utilizes two power modes, i.e. direct power and batteries. Each mode could be used as per the circumstances you are facing.

Double Thread Design: In addition to that, the double thread design available within the machine makes it easier to sew different fabric types with accuracy and strength.

Perfect Gift For Kids: Last but not the least, this mini sewing machine could be a perfect gift to your daughter who’s somewhat interesting in sewing. She’d surely like this teeny tiny sewing machine as a gift from you.


  • Compact and portable
  • Uses two power modes
  • Stitches light fabric perfectly
  • Suitable for children and kids
  • Comes with a sewing kit


  • Not recommended for professionals
  • No other major issues

The Expert’s Note

Magicfly mini sewing machine could become a good distraction for your children. Get them this machine and they won’t come near towards your sewing projects for a long time.

7. CHARMINER Mini Sewing Machine: Best Electric Mini Sewing Machine 2021

Want to practice whatever you study at an art or tailoring academy? If that’s the case, then there’s nothing better than CHARMINER mini sewing machine.

It has got all the sewing and stitching qualities that are required to practice whatever’s been taught at a tailoring academy.

Other than that, the best mini sewing machine is quite affordable as it’s priced at no more than 40 bucks.

So, the machine would become an ideal choice for you especially if you are running low on money.

Key Features You Should Know

Extension Table: First things first, the best electric sewing machine comes with an extension table that could be utilized to sew large trousers and pants with effectiveness.

Thread & Speed Control: Adding to that, CHARMINER mini machine also has a double thread and double speed control option available. You can thus enjoy sewing different trousers and light fabric with accuracy and strength.


  • Perfect for newbie tailoring students
  • Comes with an extension table
  • Multiple accessories included


  • Not suitable for stitching thick fabric
  • No other major issues

The Expert’s Note

Get yourself a mini sewing machine from CHARMINER if you are completely new to sewing or stitching and want to start your career from scratch.

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8. DONYER POWER: Electric Sewing Machine Portable

DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable

Finally, we’d be wrapping up our review section with a mini sewing machine that’s an ideal choice for professionals who want a portable gadget for routine stitching tasks.

For starters, DONYER mini sewing machine comes with multiple stitch patterns that could be utilized with different projects. Besides, it has got an extremely portable design and has a heavy-duty motor at the same time.

So, getting it would be a win-win situation for people who are always on the go.

Key Features You Need to Know

Stitch Pattern: There are 12 different stitching patterns available within the sewing machine. Hence, a variety of patterns would allow you to enjoy sewing and stitching different dresses easily.

Speed Control: Adding to that, dual speed control and free arm options are also included within the best mini sewing machine. Hence, it is easier for you to stitch multiple dresses, trousers, and jeans without any fatigue.


  • 12 prebuilt stitch patterns included
  • Sophisticated and portable design
  • Heavy-duty motor installed
  • Built-in needle threader


  • Poor customer service
  • No other major issues

The Expert’s Note

DONYER electric mini sewing machine would be an ideal choice for you if you want to enjoy hassle-free stitching and sewing even if you are regularly traveling from one place to another.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Consider before Choosing a Mini Sewing Machine?

Choosing the best mini sewing machine isn’t as easy as selecting a heavy-duty machine and why is that? It’s because you are a complete newbie or a beginner. Hence, the chances of landing a trashy sewing machine are much higher.

That’s why I’m here to guide you in the best possible way. Sit tight and give this buying guide a thorough read for a perfect decision:

1. Budget Matters

First things first, budget matters a lot when you are choosing a mini sewing machine. Now, you might ask that all machines we discussed above were extremely affordable. Of course, they are. But, keep in mind that you are a complete newbie.

So, as a beginner saving at least 50 bucks would land you an above-average sewing machine. However, if you have a budget of around 100 bucks, then the chances of getting a top-notch mini sewing machine will become higher.

Keep these two budget ranges in mind before you purchase a mini sewing machine in near future.

2. Prebuilt Stitch Patterns

The availability of multiple stitch patterns allows you to bring your creative side out. Besides, it’s way too fun to make different dresses and quilts customized with unique stitch patterns.

Prebuilt stitches are rare in mini sewing machines. However, some of the machines that I’ve listed above, i.e. Singer Star 1304, Janome Fastlane Fuschia, and DONYER do have multiple stitch patterns available. Therefore, you can consider these sewing machines if you want to customize different fabrics easily.

3. Two Speed Control

Two-speed control is a must in a mini sewing machine. You should never ever go for a machine that offers only a one-speed interface. Fortunately, all the sewing machines mentioned above are loaded with this option for you to enjoy and practice your stitching skills perfectly.

4. Extension Table

Last but not the least, having a mini sewing machine with an extension table works like icing on the cake. The extension table expands the workspace that ensures easy and convenient sewing plus stitching experience.

So, never sleep out on this aspect and get a mini sewing machine that comes with an extension table for a thorough practicing experience.

Some Last Words

That would be all from me regarding the best mini sewing machines. I hope that after skimming through the article, you’d be able to find your dream sewing machine as per your preferences and needs.


What is the difference between the standard & mini sewing machine?

The main advantage of a mini sewing machine is the size & weight. You can carry it with you anywhere & also you don’t have to assemble it before sewing. The main disadvantage is the difference between functions & capabilities.

However, some high-end models are much better than low-quality sewing machines. In simple words, mini sewing machines can also show good performance in different types of projects.

Which is the best mini sewing machine for beginners?

Singer Start 1304 is the best mini sewing machine for beginners. It comes up with 57 unique stitches with 25 years warranty. It can sew different kinds of fabrics easily including leather, jeans, pants, & thick fabrics.

What is the best portable mini sewing machine?

The Varmax mini sewing machine is considered as best in portability because of its weight & performance.  It comes with a large extension table, double thread & double speed control options. This machine is perfect for arts & fashion designing students.

Why is my mini sewing machine not stitching?

When your mini sewing machines are not stitching then firstly inspect the needle. in most stitches, the stitching stops as the needle bends or breaks. furthermore, there is a chance that the tip of the mini sewing machine has turned blunt. Simply replace the needle & start sewing.

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