Why Does My Sewing Machine Thread Keep Breaking?

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Sewing Thread Keep Breaking

Are You looking for an answer to why does my sewing machine thread keep breaking? There are many reasons for it, visit the page to read details.

I think we can all agree that one of the most annoying and frustrating things that one has to face while sewing is when the thread in the sewing machine keeps breaking.

Not only does this cause you frustration, but it also delays your progress and makes the finished project look unkempt.

There are a couple of reasons why your sewing machine thread may keep breaking.

And, we are listing them below along with certain measures you can take to prevent this issue from taking place. So the next time this happens you will know exactly what to do without wasting much time.

Reasons of Thread Breaking

1. Choose The Right Quality Thread

The Right Quality Thread

One reason why your sewing machine thread keeps breaking could be that the thread that you are using is cheap quality. 

Cheap-quality threads are flimsy and likelier to break while good-quality threads will not break as easily.

Also, make sure you choose the appropriate thread for the fabric that you are about to stitch as there are many types of sewing threads.

The same thread will not work for every kind of fabric. So, it is important to choose a thread that works for that particular one.

2. Check For Knots

Check your thread for any knots and twists in the thread as these can make your thread break. The thread must flow smoothly with no obstacles.

Go Back And Rethread 

In case of your sewing machine thread breaking, check to see if you have threaded the machine the right way. And if you have doubts about it, simply rethread it as this can sometimes help solve this problem.

If you are facing difficulty while threading read How To Thread A Sewing Machine Needle. It will help you in threading.

3. Tension

Sewing Machine Tension

The thread tension should neither be uneven nor too much. Too much tension will result in thread breakage while not enough tension can create tangles.

The lower and upper thread tension should be balanced. Moreover, the amount of tension also depends on the type of thread you are using.

You can use a spare piece of fabric similar to the one that you’ll use in your design to check if the tension is just right.

4. Use Fresh Thread

Using a fresh thread can prevent thread breakage while sewing. Over time threads can start to wear out.

Their quality decreases and they become flimsier. Because of this, the thread can snap quite easily.

5. Clean Your Machine

Clean under the throat plate of your sewing machine so that there is no build-up of thread, dust, etc. Do an overall inspection of your machine from time to time.

It is important that you clean and maintains your sewing machine regularly so that it can perform smoothly. This will help you in the long run.

6. Defective Needle

Defective Needle

One reason could be that your needle is defective. The point of the needle should be straight, sharp, and not bent or broken.

It is better to check your needle for any defects and replace it immediately.

Also, make sure to check new needles for any issues before putting them in your sewing machine.

Keep extra needles on hand to replace the one you’re using now and then.

7. Use The Right Type Of Needle

Make sure to use a needle that works for the type of fabric you are using. Using the wrong type of needle can also cause the thread to break.

All needles are not the same, they come in different shapes and sizes. For thicker fabrics, for example, you need needles that are manufactured to be used on thick fabric.

8. Problems With The Bobbin

  • Problems With BobbinCheck the bobbin case to make sure there is no lint buildup in there. Not cleaning it can cause the thread to split.
  • Check bobbin placement to ensure that it is set how it is supposed to be.
  • Get a bobbin that works just right and is the perfect size for your sewing machine. Otherwise, you’ll face problems as the wrong size won’t fit the sewing machine.
  • Make sure the bobbin is wound securely and evenly. Do not make it too full as that will prevent it from spinning smoothly.

Other things you can do to prevent your thread from breaking in the sewing machine are:

  • Ensure that the needle is fitted properly in the sewing machine.
  • Oiling your machine regularly is a must as it helps with preventing thread breakage.


Although sewing machines are super useful and offer quite a lot of efficiency in finishing up a project, it can get extremely annoying when the thread keeps breaking off. 

Now that we have gone through all the potential reasons why this happens, we hope you are better equipped now to deal with such a situation.

If the problem persists, it is better to get it checked by a professional before your sewing machine gets permanently damaged.

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