Brother 2340CV Review – Best Coverstitch Serger Machine

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Read Brother 2340CV review here. We give you the pros and cons of this machine & tell you what we like and don’t like about it.

The Brother 2340CV is a professional grade serger that will give your garments an elegant finish. It can be used for chain stitch, looping cover stitch, and even the more advanced two-needle double chain seam which gives you 2 lines of stitching on top.

The Brother 2340cv may look like any other color-coded machine but it’s actually very versatile with lots of applications both at home or in commercial settings. The best part about this model is its ability to make multiple stitches all from one needle!

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What Does a Coverstitch Machine Do?

A cover stitch machine is a sewing machine that uses a stretchy double or triple line of stitching on the right side. 

It has one looper, whose stitching covers the fabric on the wrong side. Coverstitches are visible in the orange thread and original serger seam gray thread from the above picture

A cover stitch machine hems garments with a stretchy double or triple line of stitching on the right side while having only one looper for which it stitches covering up an original seam’s threads creating invisible seams by using its own color contrasting to the garment being sewn over top.

Brother 2340CV Review in Detail

About Brother 2340CV

The Brother 2340 CV is a serger that comes with multiple cover stitch settings to help you give your garments a professional finish at home. In addition, it has user-friendly features and accessories for additional sewing convenience.

Brother 2340CV

Top Features

Stitch Options

The Brother 2340CV has the ability to produce 3 different stitches, including a straight stitch.

Wide cover stitch (6mm): A two-needle, three-thread cover stitch is ideal for hemming topstitching garments and adding decorative effects to tee shirts.

Narrow cover stitch (3mm): A two-needle, three-thread cover stitch is optimal for hemming on delicate fabrics. A narrow cover-stitch can be used to make tape binding and topstitching as well.

Chain stitch: A two-needle, three-thread cover stitch like the narrow coverstitch is optimal for hemming on delicate fabrics as well as binding and topstitching.


The Singer 2340CV’s cover-stitching function allows it to attach elastic, lace, and other trimming without cutting them.

Color-Coded Threading Guide

Threading a serger can be confusing for beginners because of multiple thread ability. Sometimes even a professional designer gets confused while threading the machine which is why a color-coded guide on the machine helps you place each one correctly.

3 or 4 Thread Capability

The Brother 2340CV serger offers four-thread settings to enhance your design. The single, double, 3, and 4 thread options allow you to switch between threads without having to rethread the entire machine so that you can produce a polished finish with ease. 

It also comes equipped with an automatic needle-threaded system which allows for quick adjustments when changing needles or fabric thicknesses on the go!

Differential Feed

The Brother 2340CV has a turn of the differential feed dial that allows you to work with different types of fabric. Denim will be thicker and more rigid to work with when compared to cotton or linen fabric.

In addition, it works seamlessly so you can prevent puckers in lightweight fabrics, and create gathers, or decorative lettuce edges.


The 2340CV comes with several accessories. These include:

  • Blind stitch foot
  • Gathering foot
  • Accessory bag
  • Needles
  • Thread nets
  • Tweezers
  • Spool caps
  • Spool mat
  • Cleaning brush
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Soft dust cover
  • Operation manual

The Warranty

The warranty on the Brother 2340CV is extensive. The parts of this printer are covered for one year from the purchase date, but electronics and circuit boards (labor excluded) will be covered under warranty for five years after you make your original buy.

This machine’s chassis can last 25 years thanks to its outstanding materials!

Pros & Cons

What You’ll Like:

  • Good Stitch Quality
  • Easy to Set Up and Thread
  • Operates Quietly
  • Clear Presser Foot
  • Tutorial & Support Availability

What You’ll consider:

  • No Automatic Thread Tension Release to Remove Fabric
  • Small Throat Space
  • No free arm

How To Thread a Brother 2340CV Serger Machine

Here is a video tutorial that we think is perfect to understand the threading brother 2340CV cover stitch.

Projects You Can Complete With This Machine

  • Create Professional Hems
  • Chain Stitching
  • Create Durable Strapping for Dance Garments
  • Can Work on Swimsuits
  • Top Hems or Create Belt Loops
  • Decorative Cover Stitch
  • Professionally Finish Edge

Tips for Use and Troubleshooting

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way that I want to pass along.

What threads do you use on the Brother 2340CV?

I’ve written a post on best serger thread types for this coverstitch machine, and I recommend using them in most cases. Many different threads will work including cones from the sergers, sewing machines, or embroidery thread as long as you are willing to troubleshoot settings.

I find the best luck using Maxilock serger cone thread and Maxilock Stretch. If you don’t want to buy four cones of every color, wind bobbins from one serger cone. You can also try regular sewing machine thread in the needles with a neutral Serger Cone for your looper (My Machine does not like Sewing Thread in Loopers).

In my opinion, this is boring….. How about something more exciting? When it comes to matching up colors I’ve found that there’s no shame when going half on a big box or buying pre-matched bobbin sets since they are only two bucks per spool!  

What needles are best for the Brother 2340CV?

While Brother specifically recommends using only Schmetz needles, I don’t get great results with universal ones like the one included in the box. Since my machine is mainly for sewing knit fabric, I use either a ballpoint or jersey needle instead. Here’s why:

While 130/705H means that your needles are made for household machines and all of mine have been these kinds of needles since day 1 so no reason to buy anything else special just because you own a 2340CV from brother.

Brother manufactures this machine to use 90/14 needles, but I find that 80 and 75 work even better on some fabric types. So don’t hesitate to experiment with other needle sizes if you’re having trouble!

Alternatives to the Brother 2340CV

Now, there are better coverstitch machines out there. If you have a larger budget I’d recommend considering the Juki MCS1500 or an air-threading Babylock.

The Babylock is the queen of all coverstitch machines and the Juki MCS1500 is generally touted to be easier to use and more robust on heavier fabrics

But if you like me don’t want to pay a premium price then 2340CV Brother probably looking pretty good right now.

Overall Verdict

The 2340CV cover stitch serger is a great multi-functional machine that can complete any type of project quickly. It’s perfect for designers who are constantly changing their product design patterns. 

In addition, it will help achieve high-quality finishes on the top and bottom fabric loops – all in one single pass!

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