9 Best Sewing Machine Under 500 in 2023

Want to enjoy sewing but are low on budget? Get yourself the best sewing machine under 500 for managing stitching and sewing tasks with comfort.

Modern sewing appliances are a trend these days and there’s no doubt about that. However, the problem is that most of the sewing and embroidery machines are costly enough.

I mean, you’d surely get a headache by searching for the best sewing machine under 500 these days. But, wait a minute. What’s our job then?

It’s to make you feel at ease and let you believe that we’ve made the searching process easy for you. Yeah, you got it right. Our professional sewing team has compiled a list of top-rated sewing machines that are budget-friendly.

In a hurry? Here are our top 3 sewing machines:

Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

Best Seller

SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

Best Budget

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine

Best Overall

Comparison Table For Best Sewing Machines Under 500

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Top 9 Best Sewing Machines Under 500 – An Updated Guide

Let’s take a look at the best budget sewing machines rated for 2023, without any further ado:

1. Janome HD1000: Best Quilting Sewing Machine Under $500

One of the reasons Janome gets the first position in the race for affordable sewing machines is that it offers more value on less budget.

It’s simple as that. For instance, the brand-new HD1000 has got a compact design and is loaded with many features.

A heavy-duty motor has been added to it to ensure a perfect sewing and quilting experience.

Not only that but there are various stitching patterns installed so that you can easily work on making the dresses and clothes as beautiful as possible.

Moreover, the best quilting sewing machine under 500 would be costing you no more than $350. It’s the price tag is extremely affordable, especially for beginner fashion designers and tailors.

What we Love About It:

Some essential features regarding the top-rated sewing machine are as follows:

  • This Janome sewing and quilting machine comes with a variety of stitch patterns i.e: 14 built-in stitches
  • Made up of cast aluminum and other premium materials, Janome HD1000 is extremely durable, sturdy, and lightweight
  • Janome HD1000 comes with a free arm. Therefore, sewing pants, large clothes, or cushions, etc. is as easy as cutting butter with a sharp knife.
  • Janome offers a bunch of accessories such as screwdrivers and different feet to ensure a perfect sewing experience.

What You’ll Like:

  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Perfect for beginners and fashion students
  • 14 built-in stitches included
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Heavy-duty motor for sewing thick fabric

What You’ll consider:

  • Issues in adjusting the bobbin
  • No other major cons

The Expert’s Verdict

Janome HD1000 is a perfect option for housewives or tailors who want to replace their old machine with an affordable one. My two cents? Get it as it’d cost you no more than 350 bucks and is capable of offering way too many features.

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2. JUKI MO654DE: Best Portable Sewing Machine Under 500

JUKI is a brand you couldn’t have heard about. But let me say one thing here this manufacturer is producing some of the best sewing machines while keeping the budget in mind.

Take a look at the MO654DE sewing machine, for instance, it has a portable design.

That said, a sophisticated handle is available on the top of the machine that ensures easy transport from one place to another. Besides, the machine is not about sewing only.

It can also be utilized as a serger machine to add more beauty and quality to the clothes you are saying.

As far as working is concerned, JUKI can be used to stitch light and heavy fabric without any hassle. All these features available at a price tag of 400 bucks are something quite exceptional, I have to admit.

What we Love About It:

Some of the most important aspects of the best portable machine under 500 are as follows:

  • This Juki Serger Portable Machine with three different sergers to make something unique & creative in dresses and quilts
  • This Juki sewing machine is extremely fast. It stitches with a speed of around 1500 stitches per minute
  • The most i like about this sewing machine is that it offers versatility. You can stitch with ease any kind of fabric
  • The most important feature of this sewing machine is the safety lock mechanism. This option is not so prominent in the likes of Brother or Singer sewing machine

What You’ll Like:

  • Thread the serger option available
  • Perfect for professional tailors
  • Enhanced stitching and quilting interface
  • 1500spm speed
  • The heavy-duty motor ensures the stitching of heavy fabric
  • Portable shape

What You’ll consider:

  • Not compact
  • Less free arm area

The Expert’s Verdict

As far as I’m concerned, JUKI has got my attention as it’s offering some of the best sewing and quilting features at a budget-friendly price tag. Get it before it’s too late.

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3. Brother XR9550PRW: Best Brother Sewing Machine Under 500

Up next on our list is a brand that everyone adores especially when it comes to discussing the best budget sewing machines.

Brother has shifted its attention towards adding more quality and durability to its low-end machines.

Taking XR9550PRW in perspective, it has got a unique and sleek design. The body is portable enough to be carried around from one place to another.

Besides, there are a plethora of stitching patterns included within the sewing machine. So, you can utilize different dressing tasks with them conveniently.

To the surprise of many people, this unique sewing machine is available in a price range of around $300 only. It’s quite less than the other two sewing machines we mentioned above.

What we Love About It:

The most important features this Brother sewing machine offers are as follows:

  • It comes with a perfectly optimized control panel & an LCD Display to avoid mistakes during the sewing process
  • You will get around 165 built-in stitch patterns with this sewing machine that costs less than 300 bucks
  • This Brother Monogramming sewing machine also offers 55 alphanumeric patterns to stitch design clothes
  • One last thing that I adore the most is that it comes with an automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin

What You’ll Like:

  • 165 built-in stitches included
  • Portable and compact sewing machine
  • 55 alphanumeric patterns for perfect monograms
  • Can sew light and thick fabric with ease
  • Could be utilized for making beautiful quilts
  • Automatic needle threader included

What You’ll consider:

  • Only a bunch of machines left in stock
  • Accessories are not included

The Expert’s Verdict

Well, Brother indeed is the best affordable sewing brand out there and only Singer comes close to it in terms of quality sewing and affordability. My suggestion? This machine should be a priority for you if you are a professional tailor or fashion designer.

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4. SINGER Heavy Duty 4432: Best Singer Sewing Machine Under 500

There is no doubt about the fact that the sewing machines produced by Singer are the most reliable ones.

I mean, this brand is in the sewing industry for I don’t know how long.

Well, enough of the context. Moving to 4432, it is the best singer heavy duty sewing machine and has got a heavy-duty working interface.

That said, with it, you can sew different types of clothes and fabrics conveniently.

On the other hand, the overall structure is quite durable and sturdy. Once purchased, the best Singer sewing machine under 500 would remain in your service for many years to come.

Oh! If you are wondering about the price range, then worry no more as this sewing machine will cost you around $400 bucks only.

What we Love About It:

Some of the most important features offered by the Singer sewing and quilting machine are as follows:

  • The most affordable sewing machine under 500, comes with a durable and heavy-duty metal frame
  • This best-budget sewing machine from Singer comes with 32 built-in stitch patterns
  • Singer offers a reverse stitching system within Heavy Duty 4432. By pushing the reverse stitch lever, the machine will start sewing backward to reinforce the first stitch respectively
  • Singer offers a 2-year limited warranty on the motor and also a limited 90 days warranty to replace different components of the sewing machine

What You’ll Like:

  • Durable and sturdy metal construction
  • 110 stitch patterns included
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work
  • A match made in heaven for professional tailors
  • Extra accessories included
  • Reverse stitching system present

What You’ll consider:

  • No alphanumeric stitches included
  • Bulky and heavy body

The Expert’s Verdict

In a nutshell, this Singer sewing machine model is best meant for heavy-duty work only. It’s a perfect choice for pro tailors and housewives who have to work on multiple stitching projects continuously.

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5. SINGER | Simple 3232: Best Sewing Machine Under 500 for Beginners

Another masterpiece from Singer specifically made for the peeps who want to learn the art of sewing and stitching is Simple 3232.

This simple yet minimalistic sewing machine comes with features that are more than enough to kick-start the sewing journey.

The design is not bulky at all. In fact, the machine is so portable that you can easily carry it around in a traveling bag.

Besides, Singer has ensured that every newbie can learn sewing and for that purpose, it has priced this machine at around 270 bucks only.

So, all in all, it’d be one of the best investments for you especially if you are new to sewing.

What we Love About It:

Let’s have a look at what the most affordable sewing machine for beginners offers in detail:

  • It’s extremely portable and compact and you can make quilts or sew different fabrics while traveling.
  • Around 32 different stitch patterns are available to ensure an enhanced working interface
  • The best budget Singer sewing machine is also powered by an automatic needle threader even though it costs less than 270 bucks
  • Thanks to the updated motor, you can stitch at around 750spm which wraps up all the sewing projects in a short time.

What You’ll Like:

  • Extremely portable
  • Adjustable in a traveling bag
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 32 stitch patterns available
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Affordable price tag

What You’ll consider:

  • Not meant for professionals
  • Frame isn’t sturdy enough

The Expert’s Verdict

Well, Singer Simple 3232 has taken the crown of the best beginner sewing machine in 2023. I’d suggest you start your learning journey with this tiny beast for a perfect working interface.

6. Brother CS5055PRW: Most Affordable Sewing Machine with LCD Display

Got only 200 bucks to spend on a high-quality sewing machine? If that’s the case, I’d want you to consider getting Brother CS5055PRW.

This sewing machine is the jack of all trades. Be it light or heavy fabric, you’d never see this machine getting jammed or stuck while sewing the clothes.

As for the price, it’s extremely affordable and I must pay respect to Brother that it has cared enough for the peeps who require a 200-dollar sewing machine.

All in all, it’s a perfect alternative to the sewing machines that are available at an expensive price tag.

What we Love About It:

Some notable features regarding the best Brother sewing machine under 200 are as follows:

  • This Brother sewing machine offer around 50 built-in stitches at such an affordable price
  • Brother 3232 works at optimal speed and is capable of sewing both light and heavy fabric
  • Along with a bunch of extra accessories, you’d also be enjoying a quick working interface as the best Brother sewing machine under 200 comes with an automatic needle threader.

What You’ll Like:

  • Extremely affordable sewing machine
  • 50 built-in stitch patterns included
  • Suitable for beginners and low-budget tailors
  • A perfect alternative to expensive sewing machines
  • Extra accessories included
  • LCD display included.

What You’ll consider:

  • Poor customer service
  • No other major issues

The Expert’s Verdict

To put it simply, this sewing machine from Brother is your best chance at getting one of the finest sewing appliances available in the market within an affordable budget.

7. SINGER 4423: With 60% Stronger Motor

The second last most affordable machine on our list i.e. Singer 4423 comes with a heavy-duty motor and there’s no doubt about that.

Even with an under 200-dollar price tag, Singer 4423 is capable of sewing and stitching the thickest fabric types available out there.

The speed is also 60% quicker than most of the traditional sewing machines and that’s the main reason you should get it. A stronger motor increases sewing productivity.

What we Love About It:

Let’s have a look at some of the most important features offered by the best sewing machine under 500:

  • This sewing machine offers around 23 built-in stitch patterns which can still be utilized uniquely.
  • Singer offers a fast and quick working interface. With a 60% stronger motor, you can easily stitch multiple fabric types at a speed of around 1100spm which is immense
  • Apart from the extra accessories and automatic needle threader, the best sewing machine under 500 also comes with a lifetime warranty of 25 years
  • SInger produces premium quality sewing machines & this Singer 4423 is one of them

What You’ll Like:

  • Durable and portable body
  • 23 built-in stitches included
  • Perfect for professional tailors
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lifetime warranty from the brand

What You’ll consider:

  • Limited stitch patterns
  • Heavyweight sewing machine

The Expert’s Verdict

If it’s up to me, I must say that Singer 4423 is indeed one of the most reliable sewing machines under 500. You should consider it, especially if spending more than 200 bucks is a headache for you.

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8. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960: Most Advanced Sewing Machine 2023

Well, the last place has been left for Quantum Stylist 9960. The main reason for putting it in the last position is that this sewing machine will cost you a few bucks more than 500 bucks.

In terms of features, none of the sewing machines we’ve mentioned above can compete with Quantum Stylist and it’s an un-ignorable fact.

It is also known as one of the best computerized sewing machines for advanced sewers.

What we Love About It:

Let’s talk about what Quantum Stylist has got for us in detail below:

  • Around 600 built-in stitch patterns along with 5 alphanumeric fonts are installed in the machine to make your work as unique and sophisticated as possible
  • There is a large LCD display available for you to manage and focus on different stitching tasks
  • Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 comes with an advanced autopilot system that can be utilized in case you are fatigued with manual working

What You’ll Like:

  • Most advanced sewing machine
  • Large free arm space included
  • 600 built-in stitch patterns with 5 alphanumeric fonts
  • Durable and sturdy enough
  • Meant for professionals only

What You’ll consider:

  • A bit pricey
  • Other than that, the machine is perfect

The Expert’s Verdict

 Quantum Stylist 9960 is what we call the real deal in 2023. Got problems with your old model? Replace it with this Singer machine and you’d never be facing any issues for a long time.

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9. Janome HD3000: Best Sewing Machine Under $500

The Janome HD3000 is a great machine for any skill level and it has some pretty impressive features that make this product stand out among other similar models on the market.

It’s easy enough to use even if you’re just getting started, while still being satisfyingly powerful when needed most by experienced sewers like myself!

This would be my go-to choice where money is no object because there really isn’t anything better at its price point which offers both versatility AND power.

The Janome HD3000 sewing machine is perfect for professionals who are looking to do more than just make clothes. It’s got top-notch stitching quality and will be accessible on anyone’s hands!

What You’ll Like:

  • Lightweight- Easy to carry
  • High-quality stitching
  • Compatible with almost every kind of fabric
  • Best for beginners
  • Aluminum Frame

What You’ll consider:

  • A bit pricey
  • Not computerized


That would be all from me regarding the best sewing machines under 500. If you want to make a wise decision, I’d be suggesting you go through all the product reviews I’ve done for you thoroughly.

You can, thus make a final decision based on your budget preferences and working experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best sewing machine under 500 available in the market?

Brother XR9550PRW is the best sewing machine that you can buy for under 500. It comes with an LCD display, 55 alphanumeric patterns & a unique 155 built-in stitch pattern.

What should I do when my sewing machine suddenly stops running?

It generally happens for continuous sewing at a low pace. The machine automatically switches off the motor to prevent overheating. In such a case, at least wait for half an hour & restart again.

Why do needles break & bend?

It happens while running the needle on sharp items. The needle breaks when while with more pressure than its tolerance. Also, there are many other reasons for it such as misplaced bobbin, low-quality threads, incorrect presser foot, and sewing right night to the zipper.

What will happen if you keep the needle at the highest position?

Never ever do that. It makes threading impossible. The needle threader will not work either.

Good Luck!!

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